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StorCode WAW on Tour | Interactivity and animation

Take a look at what transmedia projects are. Are they the future of cinema? How can one use numerous channels to build a story in a digital world? During the meeting with the international StoryCode community, German producer Michael Geidel will talk about an animated musical game for children, and Jakub Wróblewski will present a multichannel, interactive adaptation of James Joyce’s last book. The meeting is organised by StoryCode Warsaw.
Storycode is an international network of creators searching for modern forms of narrative which use interaction and participation (interactive documentary, narration in games) or technologies (augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of things), among others. StoryCode meetings take place in 20 locations around the world, and since 2015 also in Poland.

Organisers: Udyssey Creative Technologies, Pełne Zanurzenie Foundation


Support: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


About StoryCode:

Storycode is an international network of creators working in various fields, all of whom search for modern forms of narratives.
We are interested in such phenomena as storytelling with the use of multiple platforms and tools (transmedia, cross-media), interaction, and participation. Out meetings focus both on new documentary forms (interactive documentary, participation documentary), and fiction (interactive film, narration in games, immersive theatre, Alternate Reality Games). We are interested in new technologies (augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of things) and tools that can be used to tell stories and engage their recipients.


Katarzyna Boratyn - Curator and events producer (film and new media), film editor, writes about contemporary documentalism. Teaches at the Łódź Film School. Co-founder of StoryCode Warsaw, president of the Pełne Zanurzenie Foundation.

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